August 17, 2018

How We Work

We try to make everything as clear and transparent for our customers as possible, meaning you always know the next step in the bedroom design and installation process. While every customer is unique, and all our bedrooms are bespoke, we always work the same way to ensure your bedroom is completed to the highest standard.

Here are the steps we take at Gallery Design Bedrooms to ensure you leave as a happy customer with a beautiful new bedroom design:

  1. Initial viewing

Whether you make an initial viewing in one of our showrooms, or browse our showroom gallery or customer bedrooms online we invite you to make an initial viewing of what we have to offer, before we would give you a free consultation. We have a range of materials to choose from, including high gloss acrylic, vinyl, woodgrains, flat colours and more. You can also browse our selection of handles, lighting, fabric and internal solutions in the showrooms, to get a feel for what you like.

  1. Free consultation

Once you’ve had a look either online or in the showroom, we would invite you to make an appointment with one of our staff to arrange a home visit. The visit is essentially part of our free bedroom design consultation, which consists of a chat to find out what your requirements are, what styles and finishes you like, and we can get a feel for what sort of space you’re working with, before we start to offer some solutions and examples of what we can do for you. The consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes for each room.

  1. Your perfect bedroom design

Once we have had a chat and measured up your room(s), we would then go and come up with the perfect solution with one of our bedroom designers. Our solutions are designed to maximise your space, offer a luxury look, and most importantly they are designed to meet your expectations of the perfect bedroom. Our typical turnaround time from consultation to providing you with a new bedroom design is 24-48 hours. We would offer you the design and quote for the full bedroom fit.

  1. Agree and begin!

At this point we would ask you to agree to the design and quote, and once this has taken place we would come back to your home for a final survey of the bedroom and to clarify all aspects of the bedroom, from sizes to colours and finishes. When this has all been agreed, we would then head to our factory to start the ordering and manufacturing process. We will then book an installation date with you.

  1. New bedroom installation

When we have an installation date agreed, and your new bedroom has been fully manufactured, we would start work installing the bedroom on the agreed date. The process of fitting out your bedroom normally takes a maximum of 2 days, though the time would be agreed within your final survey before we begin. Our team work relentlessly on only your job, and will clean out the room to the point you would never know there had been work carried out in your home.

  1. Aftercare

We offer an aftercare service to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new bedroom. We always strive to have a happy customer and have not, nor will ever let a customer down. We are certain that once your new bedroom installation is complete, you will be a happy Design Gallery Bedrooms customer for life!

Like the sound of how we work? Why not get in touch today to arrange your free bedroom design consultation.